LF: Thru axle adaptor sleeve


Recently snapped my axle and need a new one. Everything is out of stock and I’m hoping to get this sorted quickly so I’m curious if anyone has one or knows where I could buy. Thanks.
Axle is for a stans neo hub.

Is it a rear axle? What length? I have a Syntace, 12 x 142. No sure if that will work for you.

Rear axle, boost spacing. So I don’t think 142 would work

Did you break the thru axle that holds the wheel in the frame, or the axle of the hub itself (link to Neo axle, wrong spec though)?

Second option is what I broke. The actual sleeve itself.

JensonUSA claims to have it in stock and it could be delivered by Thursday;


Worldwide Cyclery also has a steel version for a bit more;

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That looks to be the best option. I think I will buy it. Thanks for looking

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