Light it up draw prizes

Hey boys and girls our good friends at sports wheels have helped us lay our hands on some shiny new lights which we are going to give away.
So here is how this is going to work. We are going to have a poll and we ask that if you truly need a light pick the appropriate box.
We will then take all those names and draw two winners, one for each of the two light systems we are giving away at our year end party. Simple as that. Well not that simple cuz I have forgotten how to do the poll again but that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  • Pick me for a new light

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BIG fan of Serfas stuff… Haven’t seen one in ages. Still running mine from 10 years ago:)

My light died tonight on the ride

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awesome give away. i commute daily to work on my rocky mountain fatbike, its dark when i leave in the morning and slowly getting darker when i leave. this would be perfect. not to mention planning some night rides once teh snows down

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Poll closes tonight boys and girls


If I could suggest. If you can’t find a home for them keep them as extras for nights people forget their lights.

Welcome to the site dude. Be safe out there.

Thank you and you too

All right girls and boys we have our winners for the lights. First I want to thank sports wheels for their support of the site and helping us to be able to offer such great prizes.
Our first number drawn was 31 @AustinM
And our second winner was 6. @George


Congratulations, @AustinM and @George!

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How do we claim our prize?

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Forgot to say thanks for drawing my name


Thank you to sportswheels and ecmtb! It is fortunate timing for me as my lights and motion died in the summer and I’ve only been running a 400 lumen light (it makes you wonder how we use to ride with 10 watt BLT lights).


Just noticed you get them at the year end party. Thanks Sportwheels and ECMB

The year end party has been scrapped due to covid.

The lights are with @darkmyth so best to send him a PM to make arrangements.


:astonished: no awards!

Loved those RCA connections from the water bottle batteries. I biked clipless for the first time with my BLTs flickering off and on. There is not much making me unclip after that.

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