Links ride

Sue, I don’t know what it’s like up there, but Barbara and I were up to Roxbury last weekend. Even where the atv’s and skidoos packed the trail, it was real grainy and messy. Just rotting snow. Why not hit up Uniake Estate or something comparable? Hope you guys have a good ride someplace!

monday march 15th 5/ 6pm not sure what the conditions are but we’ll go and see. It will be an easy going ride. email to confirm time.

I can make it!!! I’ll email you.

What was it like at the links? Is it rideable without causing to much damage?

Still lots of snow. We ended up riding around the bird sanctuary for a bit.

Hutch saoys that there is still over a foot of snow on most parts - not surprised. Noggins should be in good shape though.

I haven’t been up there yet, but wouldn’t Blomidon also be good right now? It just occurred to me that any remaining snow would probably be hard packed from all the hikers and that might smooth out the rooty sections. Not that it matters to me… I’ll be stuck in my office. Boo.