Local Bolt replacement source

Is there any local shops that readily carry bolts for crank arms? Found out that one of mine was seized with a round head, and ended up having to extract it. Any help is appreciated.

I’m not sure what shop would have one of those in stock, but it would be a metric bolt and the length is measured from under the head to the end of the bolt. That looks like a M5x20mm screw. If you can’t find the screw from a bike shop, Fastenal or Transworld should have what you need.


Canadian Tire has a decent selection of fine thread/metric/hex head socket screws. Usually in the hardware section in pullout drawers.


If it’s a Shimano non drive side bolt chances are you are going to have to order one through a shop or online. Or grind your own down to fit. I remember having to order these before for people. I just had one round off the other day and rather than grab a random 5mm hex bolt I grabbed one off another dead crank.

Tldr, I think the Shimano crank bolts are narrower than regular store bought bolts

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It is a shimano non drive side, hopefully ordering in wont be the case

Transworld under the Mackay bridge off windmill.



I have an extra, just checked it on my road bike to make sure it fits Shimano non-drive side (FC-M590 crank).

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I just grabbed a similar length 5mm bolt and it went in no problem.

Either cdn tire, bike shop, or that place PM mentioned.

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