Locked Discs

I got er going. Used a CD

be careful that you don’t bend the posts that hold on your pads, and pray that the piston doesn’t pop out.

Went for a great ride this week with the Sportwheels winter crew, but while taking my bike out of the van at the end of the ride, I … like a weiner accidently gripped my front hydraulic disc brake hard, while the front wheel was still in the van. Net result, I can’t get the wheel back in now, cause the caliper seems locked shutish…

Whats the solution for this? I had been warned against it, and just slipped so I’m kinda kicking myself :slight_smile:

You need to push the pads apart, I have done this before using a clean flat head screwdriver and I have also used the spacer wedge that came with my brakes when I bought them.

When ever I take the front wheel off my bike for transport I make sure I put one of the spacer wedges that came with my brakes between the pads.

Yep… flat head screw driver, or anything like that. I had some luck once with a sturdy butter knife.

I was using a clean drywall trowell, but it was too flexy and too narrow.

Will try more advanced tools like butter knife. Thanks folks!

If you don’t get it geared up, bring it early tomorrow night.