Long Lake aka Wrandees

So last night I went to Wrandees for the first time in 10 or so years. I love Fight, Whopper and Spider but just looking for a little trail variety to spice things up.

I had absolutely no clue where to ride and which trails are best for bikes and which ones are to be avoided and too crowded with dogs and walkers. From the main parking lot on the Bay Road I went over the river and then up a very rooty piece of single track. This was perhaps the most rooty piece of trail I have ever been on but easy enough to clean with a little momentum and attack. Eventually I came out at a lake (Long Lake I am assuming) and followed along a piece that wasn’t so much a clearly defined trail but rather a rocky, rooty area where you could pretty much ride anywhere. From there I ended up on a very wide and smooth piece that followed the edge of the lake. It was kind of an elevated trail. Eventually I came to a dried out river bed (?). It was very rocky and muddy. It was a great challenge but I only followed it for maybe a half a kilometre. I turned around and rode back to the main parking lot. Knowing there has to be more trail there, I turned right out of the parking lot and headed down the Bay Road towards the Rotary. Not very far, maybe 150 meters, down the road there were a couple of signs nailed to a tree and some singletrack going into the woods and up a hill. I followed this and did a nice circular loop in the woods. I came out back on the bay Road but a little further down from where I entered. Back to the parking lot on the pavement and done for the night.

The first time I was there, some 10+ years ago, I remember thinking how impossible some of the trail was. Piece of cake now really. Better bike. Better Rider. I feel I missed out on lots of good riding trail by simply not having a clue where to go or which trails to ride. I was completely wandering around blindly.

Do people still ride here? Any advice for next time, assuming there is a next time?

Pelham and I went there a couple of weeks ago. That was my first time there…I enjoyed it quite a bit. There are multiple entrances it seems and plenty of little trails that cut across in the single track section. We started at the main entrance to park but took the rode for a bit before turning in (avoids the walkers) Really rooty and rocky in spots which is alright but I prefer more flowy stuff. We found a really cool set of switchbacks leading down to the lake and then we followed the lake pretty much before looping around and coming out onto the road again. Pelham knew the trail relatively well despite not having ridden it in many years.

Many people go in from the North West Arm Drive entrance these days and ride the back section of trails that are still in much better shape. The hikers, dog walkers and swimmers have pretty well decimated the front sections of the trail around the parking lot. I haven’t ridden there in ages but here is a Strava map of a recent ride Randy Gray did, if anyone knows that trail system it’s him. http://app.strava.com/activities/65179411

That Strava track is pretty awesome. It looks like parking and entering by Cowie Hill Rd. would make for and following that loop would make for a decent ride. (~12kms)

Over on the dog walkers where muddy entered side is only good in the winter when you are desperate, the snow is down and the dog walkers have packed the snow hard.