Long lasting tires

DTC works great… got those on my small block 8s

Riding Kenda Nevegals right now, and spend most of the time on Fight Trail. Rear tire has worn down quite a bit after only a couple of months, so wondering if there is a replacement that lasts longer…

you might consider something with a little less knob and more surface area. fight trail like whopper is a ton of granite and little dirt. you could try something like a kenda slant six, a small block eight, or even a k rad.

Anything that has ‘stick-e’ or soft compound rubber is going to get ground down fast on the granite. Something with a harder compound will last longer for sure but you may notice a loss of grip on the rocks.

If you’re patrial to Kenda tires they have lots of different compounds:
kendatire.com/en/home/bicycl … ounds.aspx

I find Panaracer tires last quite well.

I used to exclusively rock the Panaracer Cinders on Whopper and Fight Trail. Keep in mind you are not always on the rocks back there, and a harder tire, specially in the wet/damp, is going to slip around a bit more on the roots and bridges in between the rock sections.

Pretty much anything will get chewed eventually on the granite. It’s a lot of grindy climbs and braking on steeps that wears them a bit faster.

I remember liking Maxxis Advantages on my Norco Six, and my buddies mostly ride High Rollers back there, but keep an eye out for Schwalbe’s more around here. The Nobby Nic and the Hans Dampf seem like solid performers.

As bent says, Nevegals come in different rubber compounds. Check the patch on your tire to see what you’re running. Stick-E is the ultra grippy, but soft and therefore fast-wearing compound. DTC is the “Dual Tread Compound” – soft on the sides for cornering, but harder in the center for durability. I think the Stick-E’s are more intended for downhillers who think of a 10-minute run as a long ride. The DTC’s would be more suitable for a trailbike unless you’re riding in slippery conditions (which we actually do a lot around here). I’m running Stick-E’s on my trailbike now, mainly because I got a good deal on them. The rear is getting pretty worn down, but the front is still in good shape. I’m thinking when I replace this set of tires, of running a DTC on the rear and a Stick-E up front.

No disrespeccing of the downhillers intended. http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/c676407db519bdf42481870746f097d8.gif