Long Weekend events

Well I know it’s only mid week, but certainly it’s never too early to start planning for a fun long weekend.


Cabot Trail in 4 Days - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/cabot-trail-in-4-days/

Tour for Kids - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/tour-for-kids-atlantic/

HRM Try a Bike on the Emera Oval - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/hrm-try-a-bike-on-the-emera-oval/

D’town Bike Rally 2 - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/dtown-bike-rally-2/

Gore Trail Build day - Sometimes Monday? More info to come.


Enough is Enough ride - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/enough-is-enough-ride-across-canada/


Mike’s/Pedaltrout awesome road camping trip - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/pedaltroutmikes-road-trip-happening-thing/

Keppoch Shuttle Runs every weekend as well!