Looking for 10 speed cassette

Hey guys
I am looking for a sram 10 speed cassette, dont really care about the range on it at all. Bigger is better, but makes no difference for this project.
If any one has an old one laying around, let me know!
Would be much appreciated.

Hey did you ever find a 10speed cassette. I don’t have a SRAM bit I have a shimano not doing anything.

Still looking for one, but have a sram derailleur i want to reuse, so unfortunately cant use one from shimano. Thanks though

The SRAM and Shimano 10 speed cassettes should be interchangeable. My bike came with a SRAM PG-1030 cassette on a Shimano SLX hub and a Shimano XT rear derailleur.

You are right with the hub/cassette interface, i believe they have proprietary shapes for their plates, mated to profiled shifting gates cut into their sprocket teeth. If I stay with mated chain, cassette, and chain ring versions I should get better shifting.

i have a shimano cassette, kmc chain, and sram chainrings (and shifters and derailleurs) on my cx bike, and it works just fine; clean smooth shifting.

Is it also a 10 speed set up you are running?

Shimano and SRAM 10 speed cassettes have the same spacing. Likewise, It doesn’t matter what 10 speed chain (KMC, SRAM, Shimano, Wippermann, etc) you use. According to the inimitable Sheldon Brown, some SRAM 10 speed cassettes don’t fit on Shimano freehubs (http://www.sheldonbrown.com/k10.shtml) But I doubt you would run into that issue. Many other 10 speed cassettes are also compatible with Shimano, SunRace, IRD, Miche, etc. Just not Campy I am pretty sure.

The main issue I know of with Shimano/SRAM compatibility is that you will want to match your SRAM rear mech with SRAM shifters because for many of the components (not sure about 10 speed) the Shimano cable pull is different from SRAM. A lot of non-big 3 manufacturers’ components (e.g. shifters, RDs) are Shimano compatible.

I don’t have a 10 speed MTB but I used Shimano and FSA chain rings with Wippermann chain and Shimano cogs on my 10 speed road bike before I ‘downgraded’ it to 8 speed. Even low-end FSA 8 speed chain rings seemed to work fine with 10 speed chain.

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yes, 10 speed.

and adam nailed it.