Looking for 26" Fork

Hey team,

Looking for a decent suspension fork for old-school upgrade:

1 1/8" headset
26" wheel

Ideally with disc mount & quick release style wheel, but could switch out wheel if necessary.


What length steer?

Around 7" 3/4 to 8" 1/4

or ~200mm

I’ve got a Suntour XCM air with remote lockout never been used for 26 inch wheels installed it and then never bothered to finish the build I’d take a 50 sheet for it.

Great, would love to pick it up.
Where ya too?

Truro, Ill check the steerer and get back to ya in a bit? Send ya some photos too of course. (The frame its in is going to become a lamp. (its in an XL frame should be lots of steer tube).

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