Looking for 5 bolt, 110 BCD big ring protector for 46 tooth

Looks very much like what I had on my trials bike, but bigger and a bit less beefy. And stupid me forgot that I actually have a 48T big ring. No wonder it flies!

I’ve checked what’s in the books at the shop, but they don’t have anything that’ll work for me. I’m hoping someone either has one kicking around from back in the day, or maybe one is lurking in some dusty hidden corner of another shop. I’m partial to sawtooth designs, but not fussy.


I’ll check to see what’s in our tickle trunk at SW.

I had a sick one on my 96 Norco Magnum. Shoulda kept that bike. It met a neglected and weathered fate when I gave it to a friend.

Thanks to Sportwheels, I have the big ring guard. If you ever need vintage/old parts, check them out. They have much lurking about. I spied a lot of guards for 94 BCD in awesome anno colours…

Installed the ring protector today. Had to cut a section out for the crank arm to clear, and file it to look like it was always that way. Had to drill out a stuck chainring bolt. I hate those things, even with the right tool. It’s all about the 6mm on one side and 5mm on the other bolts. They rock. So, greased up some new bolts, put it together and stuck the crank back on the bike. Looks old-school gnar core. Now, just to have a peek inside that free XTR rear hub, and a Deore DX front hub I had laying about. If they check out OK, it’s off to look at hoops.

Got 'er on. Now, just have to ride over random stuff.

It was a continuous circle, but I had to cut a secti0n out behind the crank arm.