Looking for a good Bowater Strava activity

Can somebody point me to a Strava activity link that has most of the trails in the correct direction that I can use to let my GPS guide me as I have not been there yet. Just installed the studded tires! Time to ride.

This gives you just about everything, with the exception of the Funny Bone descent, which is great and should likely be done instead of the right hand turn off onto Boreal Line. While that’s an amazing trail, I think you’ll have more fun if you do Funny Bone instead.


Thanks a bunch! Now if just I could find the right USB cable to allow data transfer. The one that looks like all the rest but is for some reason different in function.

I just left Bowater after doing four hours of trailwork, cleaning up the mess from the Christmas break. I saw you setting up in the parking lot and I regret not stopping.

Its 5 degrees and raining in there, and the ground is thawed in many places. Its really not fit to ride in my opinion.


It was still very frozen in the woods. A few very limited areas that where the vegetation canopy was open were a bit soft.

Can you enter from 103 highway or have to go St. Margaret’s Bay Rd?
Can you drive up Bowater Mersey Access Rd. in vehicle?

Access is now just past Bike and Bean. I drove up over the new overpass. No 103 access anymore. Was never much of a safe place anyway. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that business beside the highway too as they made my big loop a pain in the ass.

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Thanks Doug

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