Looking for a wheel to test fit on my fork

I am thinking about going to a mullet setup, looking to see if someone has a 27.5" front wheel that’s a 20x110 axle and I would imagine a tire no wider than 2.4". I want to see if the stories are true, and I can actually run such a wheel on my 36 float (26"). Hopefully someone in the HRM has one, I can just run out with my fork, check fitment, and that’d be the end of it.

I’ve got one but I’m not in zee city.

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Where ya to?


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Bit of a trip! Won’t be up that way until the fall, but if anything comes up sooner I’ll surely reach out. Thanks!

no worries.

FYI you could still test fit with a 15mm wheel if that’s easier for you to find.

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I suppose the level of ease would depend on what people have available, good to know!

I can confirm this works. Had a buddy run this for a season. 27.5” with 2.4” in a 26” 36.


I don’t have that size axle but I’m running a 27.5"x 2.35" on a 26" Manitou Nixon fork, it fits but just barely, and it’s good to note that I’m running higher psi in my tire than I otherwise would so that the tire doesn’t rub on bigger jumps/drops