Looking for flat pedal shoes

Who stocks a GOOD selection of flat pedal shoes in the HRM? I called MEC, they stock hardly any at all.

I’m looking for Teva or 5-10, something in the 120$ range + or -

I just checked the MEC site and while they may not have them all in stock here, they do carry 5 different 5-10 styles. Don’t know of anyone else local for 5-10… online is always an option if you’re confident on your size.

mec.ca/shop/cycling-footwear … 026+50089/

Thats the thing. I’m anything but confident in size. I was born with a club foot and my feet are 5e wide :slight_smile: I need to see them first.

I picked up my 5.10 Freeride shoes at Ideal Bikes… much better selection of 5.10 than our local MEC. They are in the upstairs section at Ideal.

Good to know… thanx for the heads up!

That gets me excited to know about as well…

Just an interesting note from a conversation with a friend today who is going back to platforms in the woods. She forgot shoes and a trip to Vermont, and paid $7 at a lower-than-Walmart store, and got geriatric non-slip soled shoes for people with hip problems/injuries. She said they were the grippiest riding shoes she ever tried, and only reason she didn’t bother to bring them back was they were a half size too big. Food for thought.

LOL… Hushpuppy DH shoes… :lol: