Looking for flat pedal suggestions

I’ve ridden clipless for 20 years now, but I’m finding it difficult to unclip on some of the rockier/techier trails here. It might be time to try flats, but I don’t know much about them. I don’t really want to spend a lot, since I don’t know if I’ll stick with them. Anyone have suggestions?

I hear good things about Raceface Chesters and five ten shoes.


Make sure they are big and have studs. Cyclesmith has some cheap plastic ones for less than $20 I think. Kona brand. Might be good to try. If you like them get the Kona Wah Wah 2. great pedal! Thin, wide, grippy.

I went with the chesters for my new bike, very similar to my Chromag Synth pedals but far more reliable and longer lofe span. (Dont buy chromag pedals, trust me)

I recently picked up the Raceface Chester for winter and mucky riding. They are $65 at Mec and some lbs carry them as well. YouTube reviews claim they are the best pedal for $50US. I’m not sure I would go as far as the reviews but so far no complaints.

I run a pair of DMR V12’s and love them, if you can get them on sale I would recommend. I have heard the Chester’s are good too along with the Kona ones.

Currently using the raceface chesters and they are excellent. Previously had the 1st gen kona wahwahs and they were great too.

A flat pedal is wasted though on a hiking or running shoe. You need something with a flat, stiff, grippy sole that the pins can really grab onto. FiveTen shoes are worth the money in my opinion. I usually get mine end of season when they go on sale.

Thanks for the tips. I was thinking about the chesters, but I just went to MEC and they were sold out. If I don’t want to wait 9 days for free shipping, I might pop up to cyclesmith and check out the wah wahs.

I did manage to get a pair of Giro shoes at cyclesmith sale today. Only $60!

BP in dartmouth carries the Chester.

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One Up. Bigger platform and thinner than Chesters.


The OneUps look awesome until you see the price. I could say the same for my EDC tool I guess.

They’re the same price as the Chesters for the composite version. A better pedal, IMO.

I was thinking of their aluminum ones. Forgot about the composite ones.

Another vote for RaceFace Chester, I have 2 pair and love them, tons of grip and I find them more comfortable than metal pedals that I found gave me hot spots sometimes. Bonus that they don’t seem to freeze and collect ice like metal can in winter conditions. They just side off pedal strikes, 2000km+ on one set and no problems at all. I use them with Shimano flat pedal shoes.

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I’m curious… how are both the one ups and chesters for pin replaceability? Are the beat up pins hard to remove?

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Thanks for the tip. I got the last pair at BP… guess they’re popular

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Excellent news, glad you were able to find a pair quickly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Jeff as for replacement of the spikes. I am unsure as everything is still in tip top shape, despite a few rock strikes. They screw in for the underside of the pedal so I suspect it is a simple swap when required.

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