Looking for fox uppers/crown/steerer

Long shot, but my 200x Fox Vanilla RLC Talas 130mm is creaking like mad at the crown steerer. Anybody got a blown one with a non creaking crown that they want to trade for karma points? We are talking old school non tapered steerer here, pretty short too.

I’ve heard through the interwebs that one can get a semi-permanent creak fix using loctite. Sounds too good to be true. Not sure if anyone has any experience with trying this.


I have used this loctite fix in the past and surprisingly it resolved my problem

Huh, good to know. Thanks! Though, my former warranty self is telling me that it is a temporary fix masking a defect, and a potentially serious one.

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Still looking? I have one here in my spare parts pile, you are welcome to it… no idea if it creaks or not though. Stanchions are in decent shape. If I had to guess I would say circa 2005.

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Cool thanks! Might take it off your hands.

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Any time, I’m in HRM can either meet or I can mail it to you if you like.

Cool, I’ll let you know when I’m heading to the city. I don’t have any beers on the go right now, what’s your preference?

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Generally the darker the better when it comes to beer but happy to just swap it for good karma!