Looking for info on Wentworth

Hey Everyone. I am looking for information on Wentworth. A few friends and I are looking to run it this weekend. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

What kind of info?

Where is trail access, do we bike to the top or is there close car access?

Trail access is at the bottom of Chicadee, the farthest left when looking at the hill. There is fairly good trail signage to guide you along. You have to pedal to the top via a machine made climb trail.

But if you want to ride Wentworth you will require a membership, either a day pass or a season pass.



Great. I assume I could buy a pass onsite?

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have fun! Wentworth is a blast!

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The signage is good once you’re on the trails, but I find it’s not clear where to park or exactly where to enter the trails at.

I’d recommend using the Trailforks app for those details and to make sure you don’t miss any of the good stuff.


Nice. Yer’ awesome @rolls!

Actually, everyone. Good deets.

Great thanks everyone!

There is a bar code at the trail head that takes you to the payment thing on your phone. Easy peasy.

Anyone know the pricing offhand? It seems you have to create an account before you can get that info from the site that @JOsh linked to.

I think its 60 for the year or 10 for the day. Dont quote me on that though lol. Been a while since i bought the pass.



Thank you! Why they have pretty much zero info available before you make an account seems weird to me. I really appreciate you taking the time to post that for me.

You also can’t add other people to your account after you create it. I had to create separate accounts for my kids to buy their passes. While the system does work, it’s super clunky.