Looking For: Mountain Bike with XL Frame


I’m looking to get into mountain biking (currently have a road bike) and would like to purchase a used starter bike at an affordable price. Thanks!


@a.mart has an xl sized bike for sale


Like @muddy said, I do have an XL bike for sale. It all depends on your definition of starter and affordable I suppose. Send me a message if you have any questions. The bike is posted for sale on here in the buy and sell.


Link for ya: 2016 Giant Reign Adv 1 size XL for sale- NEW PRICE


I have a 2011 Canfield Bros Yelli Screamy in XL sitting in my garage.
It’s up for the taking if anyone wants it.

Frame only though, so you’d need to build an entire bike around it…


Ive got a 2014 marin Bolinas ridge 29r
Raceface Affect Bars and Stem
Raceface Sniper Grips
Deore 1x10 xt wit extended cassette
Rockshock xc 32 fork
Wtb Bronson tires
Shimano BR 200 hydro breaks
Comes with 2 sets of Alex Rims (MD19s and TD20s
2 sets of Flats. One that matches the color scheme. And a few other bits and bobs.
400 Km or less on all compnents.

Its the photo on my profile. Ill attach more after work…


How much would you want for this one?


Sent you a DM