Looking for options

Ladies and gentlemen,

I currently have a 2014 Marin XM7 with 27.5 wheels. Broke my rear hub and fortunately, it was a warranty issue so I am getting it replaced. The downside of this is warranty issues take time, so I am left without a wheel for the next little while.

I am wondering if anyone has an old 27.5 rear wheel kicking around that I could purchase/ rent until my issue is resolved. I may be SOL and have to wait until my wheel is fixed/ replaced, but I thought I would check just the same…

I haven’t updated the post in some time, but I have a price of $175 for the wheelset on pinkbike. We could work out a deal for renting the rear wheel or selling outright if you are interested (although I’d rather sell the whole wheelset ideally).


Buy a better rear wheel and save the warranty wheel for emergencies like this.