Looking for part for Avid/SRAM brake lever

Hey guys, bit of a long shot but wondering if anyone might have parts or a front lever that would work for my Avid Juicy 7, had a pin fall out on my last ride, didn’t get a chance to call around to all the shops today but the ones that I did, didn’t have it. May also be interested in a front hydraulic disc brake take off or something, sound like it would be late January to order the part in.

Here is the pin that is missing.


Can you put a bolt and nylock nut on as a temp fix? Or maybe safety wire?


It seems to be a specific piece, in the schematic is it part 2 and with it missing the brake doesn’t function at all the lever just flops around with no tension pulled in or out.
It can be ordered in but wouldn’t arrive till January so hoping to find one locally or figure something else out.


You might be in luck!

I’ll bring it with me if you’re going to the valley ride today.


Same thing happened to me. I have a small bolt holding mine together.

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That should work it’s a juicy 7 and everything. I am working today so won’t be at the valley ride but will shoot you a message!