Looking for some brakes and shifters

If you have all-in-one shifters/brakes I’ll take those. Many thanks man. Maybe take them tonite if youare riding with the crew?

Hiya folks,

Wondering if anyone has some bits kicking around in their parts bins

  • front / rear “rapid fire” shifters for a 7 speed. (hooking up to an old alivo der)

  • 2 sets of canti brakes. or is it one set? enough for one bike? 4 arms? ha, you know what i mean. Levers if you got em, but I have a pair kicking around.

Let me know what sort of monetary trade would suit you and we’ll work something out.

Thanks eh

Do you need shifter pods to attach to brake levers, or entire shifters? Also, I probably have brakes. All pro-bono.