Looking for studded 26er tires

Hey all,

This is a long shot… anyone have good set of 26" ice tires they no longer have a use for? I don’t mind spending a bit on them but would like 2.1 or even better 2.35.

I know people are getting the setup with fat bikes, 27.5 or 29ers. So there is a chance some has a nice set in the garage.


Just got rid of my second set…

I have a homemade set. About 80 studs per tire. I’m happy to throw in a road tire liner too. 2.1 Kendas, IIRC. You can have em.

Thanks for the offer @brightwhite, but I have a set just like that.

I was just about to order some Ice Spiker Pro’s online (361 studs per tire). So, I looking for a high end set, and don’t mind paying a reasonable price.

From CRC, a 2.1 and 2.35 combo is ~$180cdn. I was thinking maybe some one had a lightly used set of similar tires for like $140.

Like I said, just a shot though.

Yeah, I get it @JeffV. That’s why when a buddy had a set of Nokian 26s available since moving up, I snapped em up even though they’re narrower than I’d like, the price couldn’t be beat.

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I highly doubt this is what you want but I made a set of these

These have never been mounted but I planned on using seatbelts for a tire liner

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@JeffV saw these on Kiji. $130 for a new set of studded Kendas 26 x 2.10

That’s what my old tires look like @muddy. Someone should snatch them up.

Its for a commuter so I think I need some tungsten to keep them from wearing out and zero chance of a flat.

The kijiji set that @Rolls found look interesting though.

I have a set. In NL though

Next business trip, :laughing:

I just ordered a set online.

What kind of pattern is that, @muddy? Looks like you got drunk and started studdin’. Maybe its the angle…

LOL. I do recall a few beverages being consumed one Sunday afternoon while doing this.

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Oh well . . .