Looking to buy a dropper post

I am looking to but a dropper post and have been digging around some of the reviews online. It seems the Rock Shock Reverb and the Thompson Elite are the cream of the crop. Unfortunately they are more than I want to spend. I am hoping to find something for $250 Cdn.

What is everyone using and what would you recommend?

I’m using a Gravity Dropper Turbo LP with 4" drop. Super simple mechanical spring… seems indestructible, easily user serviceable, and lighter than most other droppers. Some people can’t get over the look of the rubber boot, but I’m more function over fashion. They’re not quite in your price range brand new but used ones can go pretty cheap sometimes.

KS LEV is about the cheapest and still functional. Still $320 USD.

I’ve been running my Giant dropper post for over 2 years and I love it. Cable actuated, stops wherever you want it to.

Giant lists them for $280 I believe but your LBS might be able to do better then that.

I realize my budget may not be realistic but I am at least starting there. Might find a boxing day sale or something

My bike came with a KS Eten and it still works well after 2 seasons. They go for around $150 which is about as cheap as they come. I’ve debated replacing it but considering what a new one costs it gets the job done.

If I was buying new it would be a Gravity Dropper, they are super reliable and really stand behind their product.

I have been looking for one myself but am in the same boat as you where I can’t justify the $300+ price tags. MEC does sell 2 Hilo models 100mm and 125mm for $199 and $215 which is about as cheap as I’ve found any. The reviews are mixed on these products though.

I’ve got two of the X-Fusion Hilo posts. They work fine, I’ve had no issues with either of them… the Hilo 100 (27.2) did need a little bit of air added after the first season as it got a little slow returning to the top of the travel but other than that I’m happy with them, great bang for the buck and a dropper post truly is a game changer.

I second the giant dropper! My giant dropper has outlasted both the original reverb I had and the stealth reverb I bought which kicked the bucket after 1 ride. The new giant dropper for 2016 is even nicer than the old one. I’ve been running one since July now. The new post has a 2 bolt head and is available in 4,5, or 6 inches of travel now. And if something goes wrong with the giant internals all you need is a new cartridge from giant and you can seal it out yourself in like 10 minutes, no sending the post back for rebuilds and such which is nice.


Another vote for the Giant post, been running one all year with no issue other than a little rattle (all of them do this). I adjust the height all the time and seem to enjoy riding in less than stellar conditions.

Haha, that Hite Rite is awesome!


My Giant Contact Switch-R had the gas tube go on it. I think from winter riding.

Also, I have had the mechanism freeze in the open position (seat won’t lock). I have seen same thing happen to two others as well.

I’ve been using a KS LEV since about May of 2014. I’ve had no problems with it yet.

what size diameter do you need?

I have one of these at home! Some kicking around the shop too.

wow really, I’d actually put one on my vintage rocky mtn… this is what I do right now:
That’s a derailleur cable braided around the top of the post and the cable stop catches behind the qr bolt to give me the same height when I raise it.

We can make it happen.