Lost and Found Dog @ Railyard

How great is this. Drone footage of @coaster recovering a lost dog.

Saw this on the Bike Truro FB page…

After finishing a fatbike ride in The Railyard bike park in Truro. We were alerted to a lost family beagle. With the snow cover it made it too hard for the family to walk in the park to look. After flying the drone and seeing nothing Kevin went out on his fatbike to look. Following him on the drone Kevin MacLean found the dog on a fatbike trail. We were able to alert the owners quickly because of the drone footage. Aaron Tooker was on the snow dog fatbike trail groomer and was able to bring the dog to the parking lot in the sled. Great work by a amazing community and a very happy family!


Well done, Kevin!

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That’s bloody cool

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Here’s a link to the original higher res video.


Amazing . Great work guys

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So much awesome right here. Well done gang. :heart::heart::heart: