Lost sunglasses somewhere around Snakeline

On a ride today my buddy lost his Oakley Half Jackets (brown) somewhere on the trailsystem around Snakeline. We rode Old Cobequid, to Kenrick, to Deer Leg, to Ridgeline, to Ridge 2 Bridge, then up Wood Road / Kenrick, to Snakeline.

If anyone comes across them please let me know! I know it’s a long shot.


I’ll be out that way later today doing maintenance on the leveler we installed on the beaver dam that has the “K” road flooded at triple bog, to the South of the trail system. I’ll dart up and check on the road and Kendrick, but I’ll be on my wheeler, so wont be able to check snakeline. I’ll post up if I see anything.

Thank you! Appreciate it.