Maritime Race/Event Calendar

It’s all updated with the official sanctioned road, mountain bike, and other events that occur on weekends to date. Still have to add Trailflow and Rodents events. If any event organizers want more details added, send me a message.

Can be sorted by event type.


Thanks for your work on this, its great to have a “one-stop-shop” for events!


You’re welcome. I’m glad it helps somebody out. Our provinces are so small and many of us travel between them often for events pre-covid.


Thank you for your efforts. Is it possible to add a tab to just show specific provinces? (NS)

Its funny, the BNS website tells you to go to one of their FB pages (BNS tacing) and when you go there, at the top of the FB page it tells you to go to the BNS website.

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I also noticed on the BNS calendar that they recently (past few days) changed dates for the 2 Grinduro events, but the calendar says updated Feb 2. I know that COVID restrictions make it hard to make firm plans, but I’d think firm dates arent out of the question. Makes it hard for those of us who want to plan to have the day off for certain things… alas…It’s ultimately not THAT important, just a little frustrating.

Their calendar is still tentative and events are going to be added still, so I’d expect that a little, but annoying yes.

The info there is lacking.

I thought about having a second filter to display events by province too, but I’m not smart enough to figure out the code (twig) to do it in the CMS I’m using, and it’s supposed to be for all of the Maritimes anyway, so it’s not part of my plans now. Maybe in the future if I get bored enough, I’ll try to figure it out.

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Oh absolutely! I think the thing that made it frustrating (for me at least) is that it is 2 weeks away. Makes it awfully hard, so I’ll have to miss that one for this year. Oh well.

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Still a great resource no matter what. Easy enough to figure out what events are in what province.


Just looking at the BNS calendar and I see the two Gravel Enduro events. No location, no nothing. Is it enduro or gravel? And that’s probably why I didn’t add it to my calendar.

what dates? there’s a gravel race May 2nd.

April 11, and 25. The 25th could be this one: Maritime Cycling Race Calendar, but it’s really not clear.

My understanding is that the two gravel events (11 & 25) are grinduro style. A longer loop with timed segments, and will be happening in the Annapolis Valley. I was told that they hadn’t finalized the course yet (due to conditions), but I would still think a general location could be given. We don’t really need to know what turns to take at this point, but we could easily know where event HQ is going to be.

Googling Grinduro. Looks like I’ll have to add another race style. Grinduro | About

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