Martock Fat Bike Day - 29 Jan 2017

Martock Fat Bike Day on Sunday, January 29th at Ski Martock, 1pm - 5pm.
There will be demos and guided rides on the XC trails. Come on out and experience fat biking.


I went to this last year, it was fun. There’s not really enough trail to get a proper ride in without doing the same sections over and over again, but great for a demo if you’ve never been on a fatbike before.


[Martock Fatbike Ride and Demo; Facebook event] (

Time has changed to 1-4

pictures from last year, hope we have some snow this year

Was just talking to andy@martock and it’s all set for Sunday. Hope to see a lot of folks out having fun on the bikes!


Went last year and had a great time. It was my first time on a fat bike.

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Looks like the times are now 12-3.

GRRR. Hard to make plans when they keep changing theres lol.

Hopefully they can decide on a time before Saturday!


Martock’s facebook event is set to start at 1 am. Yes AM. Lol

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who’s going?

I’d like to but I have a race that day also

The proper time is 1-4pm. I was just talking to Martock and confirmed the time.


is that the fatbike race at keppoch?

Nope…this is for Ski Martock Fat Bike Demo Day.

5k running race in point Pleasant park


Ah, the rescheduled MEC Race One! Forgot about that. Have a good run, Ryan! Bring your bike and go for a ride in the afternoon? :sunglasses:

There should be probably 15 bikes to try out at Martock from Valley Stove and Cycle, Sweet Ride and Banks bikes for those who may not have a fat bike.

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Will there be any for sub 5’ riders?

Trying to convince Larissa to try one.

I have a small Rocky I’m bringing. I’m not sure what the other folks are bringing with them. The small Rocky would be borderline I’d say.