Maxxis Customer Service

Maxxis Customer Service is atrocious. I bought a Maxxis Recon to replace a Bontrager xr4 I ran last year as from the pic it looked similar tread pattern wise (it wasn’t but different story). 6 rides (prob an hour and a bit each) at Mac Run and its basically done . My previous Bontrager’s lasted me a year of 3-4 rides a week on exactly the same trails. I sent in a pic to them and just asked if they thought that was normal wear given how long my previous 2 sets lasted. Without even a question as to conditions, surfaces, psi, etc. Their reply was that it was due to “abuse” and “excessive skidding” Great approach to customer service.

I’ve had great experience with Maxxis customer service when it was a manufacturing flaw with the tire. Used the Rekon Race last season (only used my Schwalbes for a couple rides and the Keppoch race) and found they held up well, still lots of life for this season.
Don’t have any suggestions for a tire that might work better but assuming the Bontrager had a much harder compound. Am always surprised to see people choosing and using soft/wet conditions tires in Mac Run, would think they would get absolutely shredded and would have thought the Rekon which is recommended for hard pack would have been okay. Found in 2020, the Nobby Nic with taller knobs and probably a softer compound I had on the front wore faster than the Maxxis Ikon I used on the rear (think if I had a Nobby Nic on the rear it would have been even worse).
I feel like Minions are some of the most popular tires around here but unsure of the lifespan people are getting, I’ve always wondered how a tire like a Thunder Burt or Rock Razer would feel like in Mac Run. Would think shorter, more tightly packed knobs would hook up better on the granite, hard packed clay and wooden features as its not like we are chewing through loose chunky loam in there like in some other MTB hot spots. I would assume tires used in more desert like riding locales would be more applicable to us than those used in places like the UK or PNW.

I ride a XC bike so my tire interests and usages aren’t really applicable to most.

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I chose the tire and compound based on several reviews that I read that were granite specific and this recon isnt their soft compound. I completely understand tires will wear faster on granite . That wasn’t really my point. I wasn’t expecting them to do much for me. I wanted their opinion as to wether or not it was normal wear for that compound in these conditions. To immediately suggest without asking any questions that it was due to some sort of abuse and excessive skidding on the users part is just piss poor customer service

Ill note as welI run a dhf up front and that has worn as expected

Maybe buddy on the other end was answering his emails before his second coffee kicked in. I made a point of only reading the emails first thing in the morning but waited a bit to respond.

Agree it’s shitty, just trying to be generous about their situation. Dude’s probably stuck in the back of a cubicle and hasn’t ridden a bike in months.

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Could be