McDonald Park MTB News

From Steve Saunders whom is leading the charge to build the most awesome singletrack in town!

‘I am almost half way finished with my 600m demo off road trail in McDonald Park, Waverley. We are submitting a five-year plan for the park in which I would like to see a 7km XC trail built if their is interest…means volunteer work as little money other than some free crusher dust…opinions/?’

So the big question is what can we do as a site to offer volunteer hours for this project? This park has been a staple in our trail book for our weekly rides and even our Digital Scavenger Hunt. The park offers many trails from gravel paths to a pumptrack and in the future some sweet singletrack. I would love to see Pedaltrout members be a big part of this. I realize we are all busy but even half a day will make the difference in being on the ground floor of a great project.

Pump track??? When was this done? Photos please!

To be honest the pump track is “meh”. Crusher dust is not a good surface. But beggars can’t be choosers and Steve is asking for volunteers so I’m going to find some day to do my own best to help him out. When it comes down to it “feet on the ground and shovels in teh dirt” is what he needs. Perhaps Pedaltrout can get behind it in some official manner.

I am in. send me an e-mail if you hear of some work going on