McIntosh Run Singletrack- official policy or direction on trail conditions?

With the forecast calling for very warm seasonal temps this week I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to get some clarity on trail condition riding policy specifically for the McIntosh Run Singletrack network?

In conversation with riders- many very experienced- there seems to be no consensus on when it’s a green light to ride in the McIntosh Run Singletrack. Ask five riders, get five opinions. I’ve heard all the following expressed w conviction:

  • this network was purposely built to be all-season, all of it is always rideable.

  • wait til it dries up later in the Spring and there’s no chance of leaving ruts. Do not ride when wet.

  • can be ridden in the Spring but only when it’s frozen and hard, do not ride after it thaws.

  • some trails in this network are rideable when soft, others are not.

  • the soft spots are minimal, any ruts will smooth out quickly when it dries out, go ride.

Some of the newer trails in the network use significant aggregate for berms and infill and these sections/features seem much more prone to rutting and erosion. Some of these are main access trails (thinking Clark Kent) that one would use to access the older granite trails farther in. Others, like the new tech trail (name?) are primarily granite but have several sections of aggregate.

This trail network is such a gem and we’re incredible fortunate to have it so accessible. Hoping that the trail stewards/builders and directors ( @Lawrence ) can provide some clear public guidance on the singletrack so everyone can be informed. If this guidance currently exists and is posted TIA for directing or reposting.


IMO all the OG stuff can be ridden 365 days of the year in any condition.
SSS/OG lake loop/Gords and the Attic.

Norwarren holds water really well, and was amazing in the fall.
Everything from the bridge back to the lake loop gets soft and should be avoided.

Good thread though, lets eliminate ambiguity and have a good season of fresh trails without people calling each-other out behind a keyboard.



Thanks @streetgang.

Agreed that there needs to be clarity and communication on this.

There is an initiative underway in the MRWA trail committee (hopefully along with partner orgs) to develop consistent messaging, and I’ll pass your message of urgency along.

In the meantime, I would suggest the rule of thumb “if you leave a significant rut, turn back”.

The granite trails new and old (Divide, Spar, Attic, Schnitzel - actually all of those are ‘new’) are all good to go under under any conditions IMHO. The Attic had 100s of hours of muck removal and armouring in 18/19 and is pretty good now.

Bloodline and Gords are outside any MRWA bailiwick, of course – I guess one could check with the landowners.

Another point: I do recommend that folks ride and hike through puddles on the trail, not around them. Going around just causes more trampling and makes the trail ever-wider.


That’s great @Lawrence, thank you for that.

Looking forward to the future messaging that MRWA unveils.

Sidenote- I’m wondering if an addition to the signage at trail entrance’s is being considered? Some of the newer trials like DucknRun (northbound) and the new tech trail start off as granite but then become softer as you ride deeper into them. We all know that human behaviour makes it harder to stop once you’ve started. A ‘seasonally sensitive’ notification at those particular trailheads might help- or maybe I’m being overly optimisitic of the impact of signage.



I think one of the plans under consideration is to have a sign listing ‘seasonally sensitive trails’ at the trailhead. Perhaps a sign that goes up/down in fall and late spring.


I mean signage can’t hurt, it might help educate people, but people need to use some common sense. The Closed Trail signs don’t seem to stop a lot of people which is kind of of sad really.

Maybe if the signage can calls out the considerable effort the trail builders put in to build the trails and then the effort to fix the trails might help



Rockwood Park in Saint John uses these “Wet Sensitive” signs on specific trails. Always thought it was a good way to communicate the issue.


I definitely think it is worth communicating, I think for someone who isn’t on ECMTB or participating in trail building a lot of the popular portrayal of mountain biking (for example GMBN) makes it seem like it should be a muddy sport.
There may be a lot of people out there who have no idea that their muddy efforts are actually ruining days and days of trail building efforts.


So much this! We frequently see pros riding in the mud, dragging rear wheels through berms, throwing dirt… rarely do we also see the work put into fixing the damage. I do see some pros highlight the dig days, and I respect them for that.


GMBN is a UK based channel (? - not sure on what to call them!), where all four seasons are rainy.

The UK is home of the mtb specific pressure washer!

Muc-Off Brings First Bike-Specific Pressure Washer to the States


Just wanted to chime in here that @Lawrence is correct re. the MRWA trails committee working with partner organizations to help address trail usage issues. With significant growth in trails and the number of trail users using trails in Atlantic Canada as a whole, representatives from MRWA, Mountain Bike Atlantic (@MTBA) and Mountain Bike Halifax have been working to create a “Trail Etiquette” public awareness campaign to help educate trail users on appropriate trail use including awareness of and respecting various trail conditions, sharing trails with other trail users and user groups, trailhead behaviour, and other issues to help educate new trail users (and old ones) navigating the use of formalized trails. This will be shared with all trail communities in an effort to create a positive culture of trail use including all trail users. We’re aiming to have something to share this spring.


Unfortunately most will forget this thread with today’s weather.

Rained this morning, frost is out of the ground. Please stick to the granite.


its actually quite dry in there today, back section (lake loop) is almost summer dry, no standing water, even in the usual places. The new stuff is also good, couple soft berms that you can avoid by staying way inside or walking around the outside, but everything else is really good.


Almost summer like conditions, the combo of wind and sun have dried things up considerably.

Go and rip it.


I’ll probably just wait until things have dried… not like I have a choice anyway, that seat post has just left US customs and is on it’s way to Truro!!! Pending incoming new bike pics!!