Melancholy mountain

Anybody ever ride melancholy mountain in dartmouth off montaque road.
I see there’s a look off id like to check out on trailforks.
Just wondering if its rideable or more of a hiking trail?

It doesn’t show up on the strava heatmap so it’s either new or it’s not worth riding. One way to find out tho.


I used to hike in there about 15 years ago, I rode it a few times but it wasn’t worth riding. It might be fun on a fat bike if the trail was packed down, but I’m unsure if that’s even allowed in there anymore.

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I was thinking the same thing. Pretty much on the same land that they don’t want u on through spiderlake

I rode it and it is crazy swampy.

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Maybe ill stay away haha. Doesnt sound worth it for a short ride