Metro wheelbuilders?

Who’s the go to person in HRM for building up a MTB wheelset? Looking at getting a set of 24" wheels done for my son’s bike since there appear to be no decent aftermarket wheelsets available in 24" though there are some decent rim choices. The stock wheels are horrendously heavy.

Any recommendations?

I was recently in the same boat. After talking to a few people, Roger at Halifax Cycle (Almon St in Halifax) was said to be the go to guy for getting wheels built.

After having a chat with him, I decided to have him tension my new wheels. I calculated my own spoke lengths, bought all the parts, and assembled the wheels myself, and then had Roger tension them up.

I recently brought them back in for a free checkup after I had a few good rides on them. They were still perfectly straight and the spokes were nice and tight how they should be.

If I ever build another set of wheels I will go back to Roger without question. Really friendly and helpful.

He charged me $30/wheel, but to calculate spoke lengths and completely assemble a wheel he charges ~$50/wheel.

Cool, thanks for the info- that seems quite reasonable… it’s definitely something I don’t want to tackle!

It’s not really that hard to do if you have a truing stand and are patient, I’ve always built my own wheels, it’s a good think to know how to do if you ride bicycles. None the less, any of the shops in town should have at least one good wheel builder I would think.

Here is a web site that lists the expected musical pitch of the spoke depending on the length if you want a guide to properly tension them…

Having said that, I just try to true my wheels and when I pluck the spokes I hope they aren’t too tight. Never built one up yet.

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@TheBuilder you mean Colin? He was a solid kid.

Seeing this thread on wheel building made me think of him…

Decided to take the plunge and try building up the wheels myself- success! Read a few online guides and took my time and they came out great. Super pleased with the result. Set them up ghetto tubeless which was also way easier than I expected…


Used to be me, but in Northern Ontario. I built wheels for The Hardware Company (formerly Olympia) in Kenora. I loved building wheels but you need a proper stand to do a great job. I still have some ultra-light Bontranger rims with triple butted spokes and aluminum nipples I built up that took tons of abuse in the early 90’s. The rims are paper thin from brake pad wear. It was a loooooong time ago but if you decide to do it yourself and need any help, PM me.

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