Moncton to Halifax Bikefest Road Trip

This trip is the brainchild of my good friend Ray Brown.

He is planning a 3 day tour from hub city (Moncton) to Halifax to attend the Bikefest. Here is the proposed route This is not a race! Here is link to facebook event page:

In addition to taking on this epic tour, they are aslo accepting donations towards the IWK. Here is a link to the donation page

I am very much hoping to join in the last leg of this adventure. I’d like to see a few other 'trouters join me!

There are some updates on the plans for the ride so check them out!

Just made a donation on behalf of Pedaltrout. The IWK does a lot of noteworthy work in the maritimes!

With just a few days left to go Ray and his crew from Moncton are making their final preparations. For those interested here is their itinerary for their journey:

*Day 1: 73km (Map:

12-12:30 Meet At Consolvo’s Bike Shop
1 pm Depart for Amherst

Should be In Amherst around 5 or 6pm staying at Loch Lomond Campground

Day 2: 90km (Map:

Loch Lomond campground in Amherst to Five Island resort in Five Islands NS
(Site: the site is slow but it does load

This section will take us from Amherst through Spring hill, Parsborough and Into Five Islands. The last place to Restock will probably be Parsborough.

Day 3: 82km (Map:

This is From Five Island to Scotia Pines Campground just on the outside of Truro.
This section travel from five Island along the coast to Bass River, Great Village, Glenhome and Truro.

Camping in Truro At Scotia Pines (site:

Day 4: 95km (Map:*

There is a group that are going to be meeting up with them as they progress into Halifax as well. Let’s welcome these road warriors in appropriate style!

When the moncton group left NB.

They are now in stewiacke and will be heading into Halifax tomorrow am. Ray is hoping to register for the crit.

I am going to be meeting them sometimes/somewheres around Sackville/Bedford if anyone wishes to join me. Then we’ll join them and ride into Halifax.

It was amazing to ride the very short distance from Sackville to Halifax with the crew who made the full trip from Moncton to Halifax. Everyone were in great spirits and thoroughly enjoyed their adventure based on the stories. They certainly had a few challenges but persisted none the less.

Congrats to all involved and big shout out to Ray Brown for organizing this. An even bigger thank you for inviting me along.

Incidently, they raised 1200.00 for the IWK as well.