Most Beautiful Road in Nova Scotia?

word. Its best for me to pick a date when I’m at the inlaws, so they’ll take kiddo :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll start things off. Sadly I lack pictures, I was too speachless and trapped by the beauty for the whole ride.

The #221 runs parallel to the 101 highway in the valley, its “2 streets north” to be technical. On Saturday I rode 40k from Centerville to Kingston along this road. I highly recommend it, but be warned right now there is 6km of ground up pavement, as they are resufacing it. It was bumpy on 1.5 inch 26" tires, it would be hell on a road bike.

Fantastic ride. I’ll be doing it many more times. Really the Valley is fantasic for touring and road riding, so many farm roads crisscrossing everywhere.

On sunday I took the MTN bike up to the Links rode for about 2 hours there, did a bombing run down Gravity line, ended up in a farmers field and had to walk my ass a mile back up the road. WHOOSH thats a hell of a climb!

Fan - fricken - tastic weekend.

Did I say fantastic enough?

I road the sunset trail last week it as some fun riding with lots of rollers

I think the Poplar Grove loop, as I call it, through Brooklyn, Mantua, Poplar Grove, Avonport, back to Brooklyn is AMAZING! Lots of beautiful farmland along the Avon River (as well as a museum and tea room next to the water in Avonport if you’re inclined to stop) and once you cross over the tracks in Mantua you barely see a single vehicle until you hit Brooklyn again.

The Cabot Trail is also a no-brainer - lots of beauty but I’m not crazy about the narrow-shoulder danger factor in places. Still, definitely worth a go.

riding out to Halls harbour would be nice… although I’ve only driven it

I also think blomindon woulds be a fun ride as well

Offroad- up for cape split run before the snow flies?

Cape Split and Blomidon together is the way to do it - after the park closes for the seaon. Less hikers, more fun!

Offroad- up for cape split run before the snow flies?
I’m in