Mountain Bike Race Plates for 2010

They can contact me, I’ve got an up to date list of licensed MTBers.

We’ll be using the same plates as last year again. We have all kinds left and it would be wasteful (not to mention costly) to order more.

Please do dig out the old plates gang.


i think i have one from 2 years ago…should i bring that one

also, a question. if a person sent in all their license stuff that is for sure filled out correctly and payment paid (plus that person even remembered to send last year’s license with it), and they haven’t received their new license in the mail yet and they don’t get it by the end of the week, will there be a list at the race with the people who have paid for licenses but just haven’t received them yet?

If your #plate says “2008” on it, thats the one to bring. You should have your license by the end of the week, from what I understand Dave W has been spitting these things out like mad, lately. He probably prioritized the Road licenses on account of the RR this weekend. I imagine there will be a list if not… Stay tuned.