Mountain Bike Tours - Guatemala

Lots of talk lately about Moab, and while it sounds like a great trip, I don’t know how much time I want to spend in the USA right now. So… Guatemala!

Me and a friend have booked with Sacred Rides, details for the Guatemala trip are here:

Haven’t ridden with Sacred Rides before, but the trip looks amazing. 3-4 spots still available for the April ride. Anyone interested in coming? (If not, definitely check out the Moab trip, which also looks pretty incredible.)


nice! that looks like my hometown backyard with matching white powder beaches and unlimited fresh coconut milk and of course you name it unlimted B’s.

Sweet merciful crap; WHAT A TIME! In related news, anyone know where there are some discounted helmets available?


The Bike Pedaler has Catlike helmets on blowout. Size, model and color selection is getting low.

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@IanM_MTB sounds like it was a good one. Can’t wait to see some pics.


Never heard of Catlike. Maybe I can swing over sometime soon. What are prices like? Anything left in Medium / Large?

I have a Catlike MTB helmet…It is the Leaf model I believe.

Nice and light and lots of ventilation too. Definitely a solid MTB helmet for sure…

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Best to drop in or call 902-406-7773 to check on sizes/prices

Getting to downtown Dartmouth between 8am-6pm is going to be tough for me. Hopefully there is something left on the weekend. :slight_smile:

I have a brand new Fox Racing Flux Cauz Helmet I can sell you but it is L/XL

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Guatemala pics and vids?
You must have blown that giro you’ve had?!

Thrown from the bike, head first dive into a ditch. I was prevented from running down the slope by an abrupt stop on a rock. Helmet looks fine, but I know better than that.

Yea I saw that sort video you posted of that. Seems like it could of been helmet first collision from the gopros perspective. Time for a new one for sure.

Oh, that wasn’t the one that made me need a new helmet. Sadly I don’t have footage of that one, as I had left the camera behind that day. :cry: Crash aside, it was an epic day of riding!

Lucky knucklehead?! Lol. I’m thinking of selling this bell that I haven’t really used. A little bit bigger than the size of my coco head. Size medium-large I think. Check it out.

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Full-face seems excessive for the type of riding I do… but maybe?

The chin guard is removable.

If it fits my helmet I might consider buying the chin guard.