Mountain bikes disturbing wildlife?

The Title is somewhat misleading but interesting results nonetheless.

Here is (I believe) the actual research paper if anyone wants to geek out on the deets. If I’m reading correctly, looks like mountain bikers far outnumbered every other user/species captured, and would be be in larger groups than other users-potentially skewing the data.
Maybe we just need to stop using loud rear hubs😜
I find this all interesting as this is info that if incorrectly extrapolated and cited could be problematic for future trail grants or used for excluding Mtb from wilderness area where other groups might be allowed.

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Nah, we’ve got other problems. Had 'em for decades. NBD


Imagine the one place we crack down is loud freehubs disturbing an animals peace meanwhile forests burn…

Plus animals do eventually habituate to stimuli.

Look at victoria park deer squirrels and the works. Not scared of bike cars people dogs or anything.