MRWA Bridge Build - Sun Nov 17th

Short notice but a few of us are heading to the new connector trail Sunday Nov 17 at 11am to finish off a new bridge crossing.

Meet at the end of Primrose Ave. If you arrive late, head to the McIntosh Run bridge on West Pine. Cross the bridge and keep going about 300m.

Tools will be provided. Just need work gloves and sturdy (preferably waterproof) boots.


Some great progress today…


Very good. Sorry I missed it.

Who showed?

Lawrence, Shawn, Jeff B, James and me.

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Me too, but didn’t see the post until after the event. :frowning:

Great job everyone! What an amazing build.
We did the rock work at both ends of the bridge today and it is totally done.


What no pictures of the finished product


Awesome! Way to go guys!

We started at NoraWarren today and rode all the way to the gap jump. Everything is bridged and totally rideable now. What a great job the crew has done. Really quite incredible. I talked to Lawrence about where they are headed next.The awesomeness will continue.

Think about what has been done there in the last couple of years. It is mind blowing really :exploding_head:


Please be mindful that this trail is not officially open yet. It can get quite muddy in some areas, especially the new bermed sections that haven’t had a chance to setup yet. The longer we stay off it the quicker it can be opened up. Trust me it will be worth the wait.


I respect that for sure @Rolls. We were out plenty early and it was still frozen.

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From what I am hearing there is only one bridge left to complete and it is a current work in progress. Trails are definitely soft right now.
If your leaving ruts your doing damage it’s that simple.
It’s fantastic to see this section of trail get built and for the two systems to become one. Was not sure if this would get done before the end of the year but it now appears possible just a little patience folks and you will be rewarded with a signature section of trail your going to love.


@muddy I know you’ve got plenty of trail karma points in the bank, just don’t want folks thinking the trail is good to go.