MRWA - Lumber moving day - Saturday, July 13th

Hello MRWA Volunteers!

Sorry for two emails in one day! This one is really exciting though. That bridge you’ve been waiting for is becoming a reality!

We are calling on volunteers to help carry lumber for the bridge over the McIntosh Run on Saturday July 13th, 10 am to noon. We need to carry in lumber to build the cribbing for the bridge supports. Once the cribbing is complete, the helicopter can drop the rest of the lumber.

This is time critical.

Wear sturdy supportive footwear and work gloves.The lumber is roughcut so without gloves you WILL get splinters. We have spare gloves if you need them.

Meet at the end of Primrose Dr.

All are welcome, no experience necessary.

The bridge is an integral part of the McIntosh Run Trail System, an approved network of singletrack trails for non-motorized recreation on public land between Spryfield and Herring Cove.

Hope to see you out there!
MRWA Trails Committee


image Bring in the choppah!


Bring in the @shadowfox70!


Many hands make light work!

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Tough one as I get to work this weekend :roll_eyes: but I will see what I can do to get out to make this milestone happen!


Thanks in advance to anyone able to attend.

Feel free to come a bit early if it suits you, as we’ll be starting brushing and clearing around 9. Just head down the trail from the end of Lockwood, toward the sound of a two-stroke power saw…


I’m hoping to make this one!


Many people carrying much wood. Thanks to all those that showed up. Really.

West pine will be awesome after this bridge is in. So stoked.


A terrific turn-out, lot’s of work was done :+1:

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27 people I heard. My arms were killing me for an hour or so, but recovered enough to ride this afternoon.

Looking forward to the connection to Fight being made.