MRWA Trail Build - Wed Aug 14th and Fri Aug 16th

Interesting wording…

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You trail people are amazing! I wish I could have come to the last one or to these two events.

Is that a stock photo or a photo of the recent work done? Is that a new dirt ramp over a previously-rocky chute?

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That’s a recent photo taken Sunday around 1:00pm, after finishing the work. It’s a steep rolldown that many familiar with Lake Loop may recognize. There’s a massive rock under that pile of dirt/gravel that’s acting as the cornerstone for the ramp. The idea is to make the rolldown / climb more of an Intermediate feature. The intent was also to leave the steeper climb/descent for riders who enjoyed the harder challenge, though the ramp does spill over a tiny bit. I don’t think any of us will complain about having a slightly smoother transition at the bottom, though.

This is just a sample of the large amount of work done that day; it was a very productive session.

(From builder in the bottom-right in the white long-sleeve and black/red bucket hat. :wink: )


Maybe by precipitous they meant rainy… :grinning:

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Do you have the slow mo video of the massive rock placement?

I do, but it only shows slow-motion on the iPhone. I’ll try to edit tonight to send on to MRWA and post somewhere. :slight_smile:

Didn’t get a chance to add the slow-motion to the video, but here’s a couple of pictures and the real-time video. I haven’t sent these to @kaarin or @Lawrence yet though, so don’t tell them that you got to see it before them. :wink:



The slo-mo worked!

Awesome footage!!

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I always liked that roll/climb… but I guess it’s gotta be made more rider friendly for the less experienced.

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Yeah. It’s a main corridor to Nora Warren, though. So it is understandable.

Imagine taking novice riders through that.

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I’m sure there will be many opportunities for advanced lines that spur off the Duck to Flat / West Pine trail.

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@gtrguy: there is still the option for the harder line if you keep to the far left (climbing) or far right (descending), but with just the slightest improvement to smoothness.

@JeffV: it’s still meant to be intermediate trail, please don’t bring novices! :wink:

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For sure, I totally get it… I’m just being selfish LOL

There will be some fun, expert stuff built off of Schnitzel once the main connector trail is complete.


That’s cool to hear!

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I went for a ride the other day and found this location. I thought it was the chute above this one, which is much more gnarly.

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I spoke too soon. Was in there last night and see the higher chute has been done as well. Now fast!!

I look forward to Schnitzel expansion too!

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Yup, the gnarliest of the chutes has been done too. We finished it today, with a good runout (no more bomb holes or stumps to get impaled on), followed by a couple of rollers. It’s very fast now and difficult to stay on the ground if you come in with speed.

I liked the old chute myself, in the dh direction at least, and hoped that it would be possible to find an alternate bluesquare (and climbing) line that would more-or-less preserve the existing line. But there’s just no feasible option.

To those who regret the loss of gnar, I encourage you to send the new configuration! And then climb back up it.

As already noted, there is a landowner-approved 1way black/double black loop off Schnitzel on the ‘to build’ list. Envision mostly slow speed gnar, step ups, slab rolldowns and lots of skinnys. On the priority list, it came behind making a long blue-square connecting route. Making it happen quickly just takes money to pay crew or contractor, and/or an absolute boatload of volunteer effort and leadership.

Completing the route from Spryfield to Norawarren will also open up a lot of new terrain to trail building, especially the BIG granite terrain around and to the west of Piggy Mtn. Everything is bigger here; the ridges and the troughs. There is a large parcel of NS Crown land here, and MRWA is hoping to develop an extended agreement with NS-Lands and Forests for next-phase trail development in this area, and between WEst and East Pine Island ponds.

If you want to be involved in laying out new trails of any difficulty (and then building them in a couple of years time, when approved), and have the time it takes and the needed skills (or want to learn them), please contact MRWA through me. The ECMTB senior crew (Derek, Jeff, Shawn etc) have already made a significant contribution in this way, and there is room for more of that from others too.