MS Bike Tour Weekend

An added note … I used my mountain biking skills on the ride. I was riding down Mount Denson hill into Hantsport and if you know that road, the asphalt is patched in places and gross to ride over, especially if you aren’t riding a suspension bike. I thought the best way to deal with the bad pavement and not feel every crack was to get out of the saddle. So there I was riding down this hill and out of the saddle, and if you know how I’m not comfortable with going fast down hills, you’d know what a big deal that was. I was thinking that Eric would be impressed with this. That’s how my biking skills came in handy on the tour.

Well I had a great road ride this past weekend at the MS Bike Tour. As you know, I haven’t had many road rides this year but have been doing alot of mountain biking which greatly improved my road riding. I climbed all hills and was in my top ring alot of the time. I felt really good physically. Eric (Rockhopper) brought his bike with him and after dropping me off in Windsor Saturday, drove to Kentville and rode Phase 2 and Seven Bridges. We got together for lunch when I arrived in Wolfville and headed to Valley Stove and Bike to check out “stuff” there. The ride today was good and the rain kept me cool. A goal achieved today was climbing the hill after leaving Hantsport, heading to Windsor. I always walk up that hill … until today. I met Bernie, and another fellow, who go on the Tuesday Night Sportswheels rides and spotted Murrdogg (Geoff) there also, but didn’t have a chance to say hello. It was an awesome ride, I enjoyed it, and it was all for a worthwhile cause. Biking rocks!!
p.s. Big thanks to Eric for fixing my bike Friday night and being such a wonderful supporter.