MTBing outside NS

Looking to hit the road this summer for a MTBing road trip within the Maritimes, but outside NS. I know nothing of the trails in NB and PEI, so need some advice. Looking for XC/ trail riding, not DH.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

We honeymooned at French Fort Cove in Miramichi. It was awesome. Also, Hillsborough is a time. Riderx used live up there, I’m sure he’ll chime in with a few gems.

PEI, I haven’t really enjoyed proper singletrack there, but I know it exists.

NB is ripe with great trails. I am heading up to Freddy Beach August 3-5th for a camping/biking trip. There are 3-4 great trail systems there. Moncton (Hillsborough) is pretty awesome. I can’t think of too many trail systems that match it in the maritimes. Do you have a schedule as to when you are going road trips? I’d be happy to put in touch with the right people in certain areas.

In New Brunswick there are several fun trail systems in Fredericton, Woolastook probably being the most famous. In Saint John there is Rockwood Park which has done quite a bit of trail development in the last few years, and Moncton area has a bunch of trails too, Hillsbourough is near by as well. French Fort Cove is worth the drive.

In PEI Brookvale has 3 trail systems one is 3 DH runs on the ski hill, but there’s lots more there. On the east side of the island the Beck Trails and Gairloch would be worth a visit.

Rockwood Park trail map here:

I recommend “It’s Gotta Go”, “Sweetness”, and “Carnage”.