My brakes be singing cause of my MAD torque

or something…

Question, when I stand up and really get on er’ my brakes rub my calipers. Is this due to wheel flex or possible fork flex? Or both?

Would a spoke tensioning help with that, or is this one reason people spend more money on wheels?

since the rotors are bolted to the hubs i am thinking that wheel flex should not be an issue. i would lean more toward a possible flexing of the fork?

Spoke tension should be easy to figure out. Grab those bad boys and squeeze, the see if the wheel is out of true.

I have perfectly true and sturdy cheap wheels on my bike, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Is it front or rear?

Its front on my hardtail. Its a 29er which don’t have as beafy forks yet as 26ers do. The wheel is true, but you can have a true wheel with not so perfect spokes too. I’ll give em a plink, but with darkmyths logic, i’ll lean towards fork flex.

Fork flex is possible. Mine doesn’t do it in the Recon Gold, but I have a 15QR. Do you, or is it a regular 9mmQR? If so, make sure it is tight, the locknuts and dropouts are clean, and the hub is properly adjusted.

I remember seeing a lot of Talon 29ers with the Rock Shox XC 28 Mg fork with regular QR’s pulling the wheel over a bit under hard braking. Just don’t over-tighten the skewer to the point you wear out the hub or break the front axle.

Yeah, I have the Recon Silver TK with a 9mm qr. That could be it right there.