My Local Loops

I’ve not yet. So far I’ve only gone as far as where the ATV trail begins.

So far I have 2 rides that leave from my front door. One is a out-n-back 16km logging road run. A large hill every km. I can do it in about 52 minutes if I “boot er”. I took a bunch of the Sportwheels crew out there a few weeks back. The other shares a portion of that run but deviates to take a 4 wheeler path for about 3.5kms, for a total loop length of 5.9 kms. Much of that run is quick mucky cause of the ATVs but I do plan on building some go-arounds for their muck holes which may extend the loop to an even 6km.

Here is a pick of the 5.9km road/trail loop. The ATV trail part is mostly up hill/levelish.

Its really a nice feature how pedal trout distorts images.

It’s nice to be able to ride from home to hit a nearby trail. This is my closest trail at the Irishman’s Road Recreation Site. The outer loop is about 2.5km, there’s a couple of short but fairly steep climbs and downhills. It’s mostly doubletrack and old cart track. I’ve never seen another person here ever. In total the park is 90+ acres. I see tons of potential for some fun trails here that could be like the old mtb trail at Martock before they put in the xc ski trails.

I need to figure out how to do this so I can post my loops.

I used this dixtance on my iPhone.

I have a Garmin GPS for recording tracks. Depending on where your loops are Google Earth’s imagery may be good enough to guess-estimate where you go, I have done this with surprisingly accurate results when checked against a gps tracklog. Sometimes imagery from other years is better than the most up to date for seeing tracks in the woods.

Agreed. Aaron - Make a google account if you don’t have one, then on google maps you can plot your route and save it, then take a screen shot. OR Download the free google earth and perhaps do it even easier in there.

Bignose have you ever taken that logging road on your loop all the way to Mt Uniacke? I’ve got some atv tracklogs that end up at the gas station at exit 3 and then up past Nine Mile River.

Google Maps is good for planning road loops with the lock on road feature but for off road and potential route finding Google Earth is much better. Add on the GPS Visualizer plugin and you can get georef 1:50000 topo maps overlays too. … _link.html