N00b Mcintosh / Fight Questions

Thanks in advance…

  1. Trailforks has a few entrances to the trails - which is ‘best’? The one that has the trailhead near Spar? Or the south end near I/O?

  2. Which bike for… 27.5 Anthem 100mm or 27.5+ 130mm HT? Doesn’t feel snowy enough to warrant my Fat Bike yet

Going for a ride early this afternoon. I can give a tour of Osprey, Lou’s and Attic if interested. Preferred entrance depends on your route. If you’re doing the Attic loop, either Osprey or Spar will do.


Thanks - that’d be great! I’m feeling pretty lethargic after too long off the bike, so understand if you want to drop me!

What time? I’ve no plans today

I really enjoy the spar entrance, but the in/out and osprey entrance is every bit as good, and may be the better choice for your first time there.

A full suspension is nice for Fight, but far from a neccesity. You would probably benefit from the longer suspension travel and wider tires of the 27.5+ HT at Fight more than you would having rear suspension.

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1:15 pm at Osprey entrance at end of Alabaster?

Pm’d my cell number. On the way to the trail from Sackville.

Thanks for the guiding Eric!


I love the Spar entrance, it’s my go-to. Then ride Attic and out I/O, back in through Osprey, finish Attic / Lou’s bypass, and back to Spar. Great little workout, can be done “fast” if you only have time for a short ride. So much good trail in there thanks to the efforts of MRWA volunteers!


@m0rk good stuff. Interested to here what your first impressions are of Fight Trail.

It was good fun, harder upper body workout and I was grateful for the travel up front. It was even better when I realised I’d had it locked out halfway round…

I’ve never ridden a surface as grippy as the granite, or a terrain like it either up there. But it was a lot of fun on the small drops & rolling trails.

I need to put my big boy pants on for a few of the features on the trail. It’s just practice on the slower bigger drops.

Once I’ve figured out how to stop my cable release on the dropper freezing I’ll be back up there… I had an annoying time where the seatpost went down when I sat & then went up when I wanted it down!