Need a free bike for someone 6'4" for charity ride

still worth a look, their whole reason for existing is to provide bikes to people who can’t afford them otherwise. 429-2202 is the Ecology Action Centre main line, they should be able to clarify for you.

Hey folks.
I have a friend who is looking to do a charity ride this summer, and he doesn’t have a bike. It would be a bit difficult for him to get one as well. If you have something you don’t need/use/want to donate, kindly let me know. It can be a fixer upper.

Many Thanks,


you could try Bike Again in the Bloomfield Center. not sure on their hours but they do have a website.

I though about that, but I think you have to buy them, even if it is at a lower price. I’ve been there a few times when I lived in the city.