Need a Part for my Light

Last night I was at Spider Lake (conditions were excellent) and I hit my head on a downed tree that was across the trail and maybe 6 feet in the air. I didn’t see it as I was looking down and focused on the narrow trail. The impact ended up breaking the small plastic, rounded mount that is at the bottom of the light. The link below will show you the piece I am talking about.

It would be awesome in anyone happens to have one of these Chinese knockoffs that has stopped working that you don’t need or something like that. I will gladly buy the mounting bracket from you. I have ordered a new light but it won’t be here for 3-4 weeks and that means no night riding until then

Does anyone have anything to help a brother out?

One of these?

Yup exactly that,

Cool, I’m not at work today as I have a couple of sick kids here but I’m heading over to burnside shortly to grab my laptop so I can work from home. Be happy to drop it off to you.

You, my friend, are incredibly awesome!

Ah well, just a spare bit from my bin of parts. Remind me again where you are?

46 Payzant avenue. Behind Leons. A couple of doors up from FedEx

If easier for you I could pick up at your office.

Perfect, should see you in an hour or so

You are the best.

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