Need ride guide(s) - Halifax area

Francois, glad you enjoyed it. I hope Maine was equally fun!

Our backpacking trip was fun but brutal. My backpacking boots are headed for the garbage after they mangled my feet but it was so nice to be away from everything for a few days.

Hope we get to see you again sometime, it was very nice to meet you!

Hey folks,

I’m an avid mountain biker and director of a cycling club in TO and will be in the Halifax area for a few days at the beginning of July. I’d love to get a few good rides in so if you’re interested in sharing/showing your trails (heard there’s some awesome stuff!) please let me know! Also wondering what kind of bike would be the best for Nova Scotia’s trails - I have a full rigid 29er single speed, a xc full suss racer and a 6" all mountain rig, suggestions?

Many thanks


For the trails around Halifax I’d suggest the XC bike - 6" is a little much for Halifax in my opinion and the singlespeed would be great on some trails but brutal on others.

We’re going to be away the beginning of July but I suspect there are a lot of friendly folk here that would love to show you around. Try getting in touch with one of the shops to see when their club rides are happening and check back here frequently because I have no doubt that someone will bite.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

Definatly click on our Trails link at the top of this page, there you can download a google-earth file that has great directions to most of our trails.

I recommend

  • Whopper Dropper
  • Spider Lake

You’ll want a guide of Whopper. I’m not qualified…

if you post up the dates you are in town I’m sure there will be some people willing to assist

I know spider lake well

and i’m sure there is soemone here that knows Whopper

Fight trial is also fun if you like technical riding

there is some great riding in the valley as well if you have the time

Thanks for all the info guys!

I’ll be in the area from July 2 to 5 or 6. A friend of mine that lived in Halifax told me I had to ride Spider Lake and Whopper so those are my two first picks but if anyone want to show me other trails, I’m in! Fight Trial sounds interesting, what kind of technical, man made or natural?

Looking forward to ride new trails!

Thanks again.

Most of our trails are naturally technical (lots of roots and rocks, tight turns, etc.) but we do have some man-made features as well. Halifax has awesome stuff but if you can get outside of the city there are also amazing trails in the Annapolis Valley (1 hour away) and Pictou County (2 hours away) as well.

In short, we’re awesome. Feel free to move down here. :smiley:

I’m sure you’re all awesome, love the East Coast (first time in NS though!). Now prove it and show me some trails - lol

bikergrl, looking forward to ride those rock and roots infested trails, my favorite type of terrain and harder to find here…

Turns out we’re around that weekend so let’s plan a ride at Spider Lake on Sunday morning at 10:30, everyone’s welcome. We should warn you that rides always end with beer and food in these parts… it’s a fact!

Sunday the 4th, that is. Of July. That really warm month.

I’m in! And thanks a lot for offering to show me around - looking real forward to it. As for the post-ride beer and food, I think it’s a universal thing for mountain bikers…


bikergrl, here is my email address:

Still debating; 6" travel (it’s still pretty light & climbs awesome and no need to pick a line) or brittle carbon XC whippet (fast and climbs like a rocket but demands a bit more finesse) Life’s full of though choices…

Ciao for now.

Take them all!!
Sunday should be a fun time. I may be riding rigid.
Bikergrl will be sporting the new candy!!

I’m slow so maybe you should bring the 6". Save my lungs from keeping up hell! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could take all 3 steeds! How would Spider Lake be on a rigid 29er single speed? Argh, decisions decisions…

Bikergrl, don’t worry about speed, I want to enjoy the scenery, not race these trails!

Most of Spider would probably be fine on a rigid single speed however you might have a hard time at Whopper.

Aaron does Whopper on a rigid with gears, but he’s nuts and has mad skills.

Personally i’d say take the XC bike. its the most well rounded. The other 2 bikes sound like opposite extremes.

ok, XC bike it is, I’ll just put some fatter tires on it and it should give me a pretty versatile ride…

Looking forward to the Spider Lake ride - and to the post ride beers!

My two cents… Whopper = 6", Spider= C.C. or 29er, Fight trail=6".
If you have a lightweight (sub 35lbs) 6" travel bike I would bring that. Spider can be a blast on a 6" travel bike.
If you are still in town on the 5th I would gladly show you around a trail system 40 minutes out of town in Gore N.S. We hold a couple of races there every year and the trails are alot of fun. I have to work the weekend of the 3rd and 4th so I can’t join you on the Spider ride. You will have a blast with the crew though.