@Neil's Jumps

I Have a few jumps and trails I am working on. I haven’t had much time but there’s lots of potential on my land. My most recent drop and jumps is probably rated black diamond. I keep building them bigger as I get better.

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How big are the drops you have built?

I,m working on one that might turn into a bit of a whales tale and it drops six feet and the lander is about 6ft out.

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Nice, let me know when it’s teady to ride. I’d love to hit some freeride !!

k I’ll do that

I haven’t been able to get ahold of materials yet for the drop but the jumps work. I hope I can get that whales tale together sometime this month.

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Ok sounds good. Where are you located roughly?

Keep me posted.

I am about 5km from Woodville trails. 343 Arnold Rd Grafton is the driveway up toward the jumps.

Can you send me some pics of the jumps you have built?





Nice! Looks like fun

Nice job man!

This looks great I’d love to check these out. I work in the area

You should. I have some dirt jumps in my back yard as well.

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Soon as the snow clears and the grounds hard enough I’m game. More than happy to lend a hand digging and building as well, I got a pick axe and shovel and rake let’s go!

Can I come play too?

I could bring my big orange friend with me :wink:


@Pepperjester @Neil game on

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