New bridge on Flight Path

no problem Im’ certianly willnig to lend a hand here and there

some of the stuff you guys are building is beyond my skilsl on a 5 inch travel bike but I’m hopnig there is some potential for Duane and I to cut some single track as well
I would love to see single track out there. I would be down to help with that too as I have a trail bike that I am currently riding more then my DH bike. That is until we get a complete DH line done of course.

Ben12 and myself have been putting in some time reclaiming an old downhill trail here in Enfield. Here’s some pics of the bridge we just completed across a stream…

Lots more work to do before it’s fully rideable from top to bottom but when it’s done it’s gonna be sweet!!

Solid looking work!!
Great job!!
Looks like the humidity was a little high during the construction process.

nice work looks well done

enfield eh? care to share the location?

the only trial I know of there is the nine mile trial system

I’ve found some doulber track off of old post road… is that where you are working?

It’s not a secret trail by any means but needs a bunch of work. If anyone is interested in coming out to give a hand to get this thing done, shoot me a PM. Will be working on a berm bridge and a 3-4’ ladder drop next. All the lumber has been donated by Elmsdale Lumber and Ben and I have most of the tools covered. Maybe bring a hammer if ya got one.

I don’t want to reveal the trail to the world till it is ready.
This trail and the surrounding area has the potential to become the
best riding in and around HRM, possibly the province (thats a
speculation as I haven’t ridden much outside of HRM). The main
trail is an old road that is approx 3 km long and is mostly all
downhill. Other, more AM/XC trails that are longer and meander
along pristine brooks and through old growth forest… God’s
creation at it’s finest.

As I said though, lots of building and trail work to bring these
trails to their full potential as four wheelers have made some
impassable areas (mud holes). Good news is that these trails seem
to be mostly forgotten of now by the motorized riders, leaving them
for us to enjoy.

nice find by the sounds of it

if your willing to give a walking tour there might be a few people interested… i’d certianly be willing to go and look around even help with your build. I can’t really speak for others but if you already have permission to be on the land and to build it might be something allot more people would get involved with

I’d certianly be willing to let people know what it is like at the next NSMTBA meeting… which if your not a memeber of already you should certainly join

looking good.

I’d would love to give anyone willing to come out a ‘tour’ of the trails… I’m going to be in there tomorrow morning til about noon and then in the evening from 7-9. We can meet at the Big Stop in Enfield, exit 7 on the 102.

As far as permission, there is a section of the AM/XC trail that is fully on someones property and I’ve gotten permission to ride the trail on his preperty and to build a bridge or two over streams and such. He is mostly concerned with new trails being cut and littering etc.

The main trail is actually an old road that sits along the property lines of numerous properties. I don’t know all the legal access laws to this trail but I do know that an existing ROW, trail etc that has been in use for decades has some measure of precident protection. I honestly don’t think there would ever be a problem with this area as long as everyone respects the trails and is responsible for ensuring everything is left in better condition.

Sandusky is coming out to tour the trail tonight, so if anyone else is interested, we’ll be meeting at the Big Stop at 7PM. Hope to see some of you there…

how long do u think the tour will take i’m tight on time tonight but I’d love to come out

Should take about an hour… wear a good pair of boots as there is lots of rock, two streams to cross and some mudholes to navigate. I’ll be in the Big Stop parking lot in a grey Mercedes

I’ll do my best to make it but i’m oncall for work so I might not be able to

don’t wait for me … i’m almost always early

thanks again for the tour

thanks again for the tour
No problem… now we just got to get some sweat and blisters from ya…

no problem Im’ certianly willnig to lend a hand here and there

some of the stuff you guys are building is beyond my skilsl on a 5 inch travel bike but I’m hopnig there is some potential for Duane and I to cut some single track as well

It would be good if you and Duane headed up the XC trail build and Ben and I will concentrate on the DH/freeride stuff…

This looks interesting! I’m in the area and wouldn’t mind helping out. I sent you a PM with my contact info.

Trail is really coming along. One more major drain and I believe it will take care of any water issues. We have been putting a lot of hours in there. Cant wait to get the DH line done as it will also create a good XC/AM climb to the top and access to way more trails.

Not sure waht you level of exprience is or Ken’s

but here is something useful for draining

at the imba clinic at Gore they showed us a technique to properly drain a trial

if you dig a ditch apparentl it promotes faster warer flow nad futher erosino but more of fan shape is ideal

see page 5